Serge Gainsbourg

A Tribute To A Tortured Genius, Poet, Artist, Singer, Womanizer & Drunk

There's something so very unique about the mercurial and often controversial talent that is (or rather, was) Serge Gainsbourg. I didn't really develop a true appreciation of Serge until about 10 years ago when a record nut friend of mine introduced me to Requiem Pour Un Con. I then soon discovered His 1971 concept album Histoire De Melody Nelson which in my opinion, is one of the greatest albums ever made. The film that was made to accompany the album was made by Salvador Dali and Max Ernst, which pretty much says it all. He was the classic flawed genius and to this day still divides opinion. I've put together a quick mixtape below with a few of my favourite Serge tracks on it. Enjoy.

The Mixtape

Track Listing

  1. Melody (Extrait de Melody Nelson)
  2. La Horse
  3. Requiem Pour Un Con (Extrait de la B.O.F Pacha)
  4. Bonnie And Clyde
  5. En Melody
  6. Marabout
  7. No No Yes Yes